This is such a great opportunity to capture your baby when they are full of their personalities, just learnt how to sit up on their own and over all so cute! 

Your baby's first year goes so fast and they change so much from tiny newborns to crawling if not walking 1 year olds! Booking a sitter session allows Beau-Photography to capture this important milestone in between 6/8 months when they are fully sitting, smiling, giggling and all round adorable! Being a mum myself I found this was such a special age and I found once they are on the move and trying to walk they just seem so grown up and approaching being a toddler rather than a baby. 

At this age I feel they are still baby's but with their own expressions which make the best photos! 

The best time to book your session is as soon as baby is confidently sitting and before they want to start moving. I always love to get some family shots too within your session.